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Over the years people had often commented that I should document my career in music. It was always flattering to hear but whilst I was busy moving forward I didn't really have the mindset or the time required to reflect.

Though I clearly understood the appetite for stories connected to the well known stars I’d worked with I was not yet ready to roll the tape back. Moving to South Africa from the U.K in 2006 afforded me the opportunity to begin collating aspects of my 30 year career. Strangely It began whilst decorating my house.

During a conversation with my interior designer, I began to explain about my life and to illustrate I opened long since sealed boxes full of memorabilia. Back stage passes from stage shows and tours. Song lyrics and set lists. Photographs, personal gifts and notes from artistes I’d worked with. Momento’s of a fabulous and wild life in rock n roll.

The designer’s mouth fell open as she asked me why these things were in boxes and not displayed on the walls? I understood at that moment that these things should not be hidden away but proudly displayed. And so it was with my memoir… I finally reached the point where I was ready to dust off and polish the stories.

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I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve contemplated sleeping with Tessa Niles’ talent on several occasions.